RUE DE LA PRESSE 5 B-1000    BRUSSELS Tel./Fax: 32 2 219 88 80 _____________________________________________________________________ PRESS AND INFORMATION SERVICE Section "Religious Intolerance and Discrimination" May 12, 1998 _____________________________________________________________________ UKRAINE CATHOLICS TRY TO SECURE RETURN OF CHURCH HRWF- The Lenin District court of the city of Sevastopol has declined the claim of Roman Catholic St. Klimenty parishioner Pavel Yarichevsky addressed to city head Victor Semenov about city administration's inaction in implementing the law of Ukraine about returning places of worship to the religious communities, including the former Catholic church in central Sevastopol, which continues to be used as a cinema house. The court ruled for the claimant to go to the city court of arbitration. The church was built in the early 20-th century with money of the Catholic community. It was taken by the state in 1935 and converted into a cinema house. Over the past few  years 8 places of worship have been given to worshipers, including 2 for temporary use. Source: CRTN