9 November 2001

Dear Friends of Keston,

For many years we at Keston have concentrated on producing news reports and other publications of the highest possible quality. We believe that the best way to be successful in publicity and marketing is simply to deserve success through the substance of our programmes. In recent years, however, it has become clear that it's not enough just to excel in one's own speciality - one must be SEEN to be excelling, and increasingly that means professional marketing and fund-raising.

This autumn we are passing a new milestone with the appointment of two part-time, professional fund-raisers - one for Britain and western Europe, and one for the United States and Canada. Our new colleagues both combine passionate commitment to Keston's mission with years of experience in the techniques for marketing ideas to a wide variety of audiences.

We now have a favour to ask of you. Please take a minute to think about concrete prospects for fund-raising that you might be able to share with our new colleagues. What I have in mind is specific contacts, leads, possible introductions&ldots;such as a charitable trust or foundation with which you have a personal connection or an individual philanthropist for whom Keston's mission might have a special resonance. Who knows, you may end up leading us to a new donor whose help makes the difference in expanding our Keston News Service to a whole new region such as the Caucasus, Cuba or Vietnam. It has happened before.

Graham Webster-Gardiner is our new consultant for marketing in the United Kingdom. Graham has extensive experience with management, marketing and public relations both in business and in the non-profit sector; most recently he was Managing Director of Royal Brierley Crystal. His e-mail address is GRwebsterg@aol.com,

Graham's counterpart for North America is Cecile Shopen of Austin, Texas. Cecile has spent much of her life raising funds for worthy causes such as the University of Texas; her e-mail address is cshopen@yahoo.com.

As I say, please feel free to e-mail either Graham or Cecile directly with any suggestions which you might be able to share. Keston has always been a team effort, and that team includes our individual readers scattered all over the world. On behalf of all the persecuted believers whose rights we defend, please accept our thanks.

Sincerely yours,

Lawrence Uzzell