Keston Institute

Resources for the study of religious affairs in Communist and formerly Communist countries

Xenia Dennen

Founded in 1969, Keston Institute was the “voice of the voiceless” and regularly reported on the situation of persecuted believers in the USSR and the countries of Eastern Europe.

From its foundation, to ensure the reliability of its reporting, Keston Institute built up an archive of documentation from all the countries it studied.

Today Keston’s archive is unique and the main source for the history of religion in East and Central Europe as well as the former USSR.

Xenia Dennen, Chairman

Keston Institute Archive & Library

Keston’s Archive and Library are now housed in the Keston Center for Religion Politics and Society at Baylor University, Texas.

Religious Life in Russia Today - the Keston Encyclopaedia

Religious Life in Russia Today - seven volumes covering all the religious denominations which exist in Russia.

About Keston Institute

Keston specialises in the study of all religions and all forms of religious expression in Communist and formerly Communist countries.