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Church that hails President Putin as 'a miracle of God'

The Times 9th May 2015

Church that hails President Putin as 'a miracle of God' - The Times

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A meeting at Lambeth Palace last week agreed that the Russian Orthodox Church is betraying religious freedom, writes Michael Bourdeaux. Article published with permission of The Times.

1992 interview with Dr Alexander Zaichenko, a leading Baptist, in Moscow

Xenia Dennen in 1992, when working as Keston’s Moscow Representative, interviewed Dr Alexander Zaichenko about his Christian faith and the connection between Christian commitment and economic renewal. At the time he was director of programmes on business and marketing within Russia’s Academy of National Economy, advisor to the Council of Ministers, head of the Russian Association of Christians in Business, and on the board of the Russian Bible Society. This interview was filmed by Roger Stanway who at the time was on the staff of the Manchester Business School.

Keston Center Symposium 2013

The annual Baltic United Remembrance Sermon 2013

Given by Michael Bourdeaux at St James, Piccadilly on 16th June 2013.

View a PDF of the sermon

Gresham Lecture 23 May 2013.

Keston Institute: KGB's Bête Noire by Xenia Dennen.

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The Voice of Russia.

An interview with Xenia Dennen. 18th June 2012

Interview on Russian Radio March 2010

Xenia Dennen, Chairman of Keston Institute, and Professor Elena Volkova from Moscow University, were both interviewed on Russian Radio by the presenter, historian Irina Karatsuba, on Saturday 27 March 2010.

Part One with Elena Volkova (14 mins)

Part Two with Xenia Dennen (32 mins)

That day was the Russian Orthodox Feast of the Raising of Lazarus, so Elena Volkova began the discussion by explaining the meaning of this feast, giving some interesting interpretations from the work of Dostoevsky and other authors. The presenter then made the connection between the raising of Lazarus and the need to raise the memory of the many thousands who had suffered in the Soviet Gulag, so Xenia Dennen was asked about the work of Keston and its efforts to preserve the memory of the churches in communist countries during the 20th century.

She described how Keston was set up in 1969, and how Michael Bourdeaux had been asked to 'be the voice' in the West of those who were muzzled in the USSR. She explained why, from the outset, Keston had collected documentation about the churches, and thus had started to create what had now become an immense archive She went on to recount how the new Keston Center had been created at Baylor University where the archive and library were now housed.

Towards the end of the interview Xenia Dennen spoke about the Anglican Church and the way it celebrated Palm Sunday, mentioning that her own parish in central London had been visited by Grand Duchess Elizabeth when she was studying examples of the religious life before setting up her Convent of Martha and Mary in Russia. At the end of the interview both the presenter, Irina Karatsuba, and Elena Volkova expressed profound gratitude for the work of Keston.

Broadcast 27 March 2010 / Mrs Xenia Dennen

"Sunday Worship" (BBC Radio 4 and World Service) September 2008

From Sergiyev Posad, to mark the anniversary of the brutal murder of Father Alexander Men on 9 September 1990 near his home at nearby Semkhoz.

Broadcast 7 September 2008 / Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux

"Divine Voices" (BBC Radio 4 and World Service)

A documentary on Russian Orthodox Music Summer School; recorded July 2006.

Broadcast 29 August 2006 / Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux

"Orthodox Vespers for Holy Cross" (BBC Radio 3)

Recorded at Danilov Monastery, April 2005. (Western) Holy Cross Day

Broadcast 15 September 2005 / Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux

"Sunday Worship" (BBC Radio 4 and World Service)

Recorded at Danilov Monastery, April 2005. Easter Liturgy - (Russian Easter Sunday).

Broadcast 1 May 2005 / Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux

Marking the Feast of the Transfiguration from the Cathedral of the Transfiguration, St Petersburg, Russia

In the 300th anniversary year of the city's founding. The service is led by the Archpriest, Father Boris Glebov, and the Cathedral Choir directed by Vladimir Lvov sings music by Allemanov, Smolensky, Burmatin, Tretyakov, Zakharov and Tchesnokov. The Gospel for the day is Luke 9: 28-36. Father Vladimir Fyodorov gives the homily.

Broadcast 6 August 2003 / Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux

Today's Russia: Politics, Religion, Human Rights, Chechnya

St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation 78 Bishopsgate, London.

Broadcast 6 May 2003 / Professor Peter Reddaway

Today's Russia: Politics, Religion, Human Rights, Chechnya

St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation 78 Bishopsgate, London.

Broadcast 6 May 2003 / Professor Peter Reddaway

"Sunday Worship" (BBC Radio 4 and World Service) from the Solovki Monastery in the White Sea

This recorded a remarkable event - the return by a British couple of a Solovki icon which the wife's grandfather had been given while in Arkhangel in 1918, held in safe keeping for over 80 years, and now returned to the monastery.

Broadcast 20 January 2002 / Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux

"Work in Progress" (BBC Radio 3)

A series of five programmes in which Michael Bordeaux speaks about the project culminating in the Encyclopaedia of Religious Life in Russia Today.

Broadcast 20-24 August 2001 / Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux

Edition 1 : 20 August 2001

Edition 2 : 21 August 2001

Edition 3 : 22 August 2001

Edition 4 : 23 August 2001

Edition 5 : 24 August 2001

"Risen Indeed" by Revd Canon Dr Michael Bourdeaux.

Michael Boudeaux : "My purpose in writing Risen Indeed (published in 1983) was to break new ground. The facts of renewed religious persecution in the Soviet Union under Khrushchev (and not redressed under Brezhnev) were by this time well known and fully documented by Keston College. At the same time I had become vividly aware that a religious revival was also taking place, but this was little known. I took the opportunity, in the Introduction, to tell for the first time parts of my own story which it had not seemed appropriate to publish previously.

"The first section describes how young people in the Soviet Union generally were becoming increasingly disenchanted with the spiritual void at the heart of communism and were looking for something new and different to fill it. The second section shows how this search often led them back to the eternal values of the Russian Orthodox Church, which had been persecuted virtually out of existence in the previous two generations. The final section states that this spiritual quest was leading to a revival of other denominations, too, especially Baptists in Russia and Ukraine, and Catholics in Lithuania.

"Much of the text is based directly on quotes from these sources, so the book becomes a kind of devotional and spiritual compendium, unlike anything else I have written before or since."

View the 'Risen Indeed' PDF

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