Keston Institute Scholarships


Keston Institute invites PhD students and researchers working on the religious history of the former Soviet Union and countries in Eastern and Central Europe (post 1917 to perestroika, and the continuing effects of that period) to apply for a Keston Scholarship.

The main purpose of Keston scholarships is to support research in the Keston Archive, but scholars engaged in research within Keston's field who wish to work in other archives will also be considered. For scholars who wish to research in the Keston Archive, scholarships will cover all costs, including travel costs, for up to a period of four weeks at Baylor University, Texas, USA, working in the Keston Center for Religion Politics and Society where the Keston Archive is now located. For scholars wishing to research in other archives, scholarships will cover comparable costs. Keston does not have the resources to support dependent relatives.

Applicants should be proficient in English and are required to provide the following documentation which should be sent to the Administrator,

  1. Two academic references. The references should be sent directly by the two referees to and not by the applicant.
  2. A sample piece of written work of no more than 8,000 words (this limit may be exceeded if the work submitted takes the form of an already published article).
  3. An academic CV including details of any publications.
  4. An outline of the proposed research of no more than two A4 pages which should indicate as far as possible the documents/category of documents to be consulted in undertaking the research. If applicants wish to work in the Keston archive, they should email to determine whether this archive contains sufficient relevant material. The more precise and detailed the description of the project the better, having particular regard to what can be realistically accomplished during the proposed period of research. There are, however, facilities for photocopying and digital imaging to enable scholars to continue to work on Keston material in their home situation.
  5. If English is not the candidate’s first language any evidence [e.g. a certificate] they may have of their proficiency in the English language.
  6. An indication of travel costs. Keston will calculate the cost of accommodation and daily maintenance.
  7. The period for which you wish the scholarship to run e.g. Spring /Summer/ Autumn Semester 2018/19/20 etc.

Applications will be considered three times a year, the closing dates for each competition being

  • 1 September
  • 1 January
  • 1 May

Keston Institute would welcome scholars to apply who intend to publish a collection of documents from the Keston Archive, or a book/thesis, or an article in an English-language journal, as a consequence of such a period of research in Keston's Archive.

It will often be appropriate to publish a report on the work done in the Keston Newsletter, but all recipients of financial aid are required to submit a report on their research to the trustees [approximately 2-4 sides of A4]. The trustees would especially welcome applications which embrace the evaluation of a particular category of documentation in the Keston Archive alongside the main research project. Keston Institute should be acknowledged in any publication. In making an award Keston Institute will be assessing not only the abilities of the applicant and their ability to complete their proposed project within the time stated, but also the significance of their projected research for Keston's strategic development.

The Institute maintains a register of 'Keston Scholars' and the name of a successful applicant may be entered on that list at the discretion of the trustees.


Applications should be submitted electronically to:

Archive & Library

Keston Archive and Library

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