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Religion in Communist Lands Article List

This Index provides a listing of all the main articles which have appeared in Religion in Communist Lands since its first publication in 1973. A few longer book review articles have been included as well. Individual articles can be accessed on line at

Agursky, MikhailThe Attitude to Religion in the New Russian Literature10/21982 145-155
Alexander, StellaChurch-State Relations in Yugoslavia since 19674/11976 18-27
Alexander, StellaChurch-State Relations in Yugoslavia: Recent Developments5/41977 238-240
Alexander, StellaArchbishop Stepinac Reconsidered6/21978 76-88
Alexander, StellaYugoslavia: New Legislation on the Legal Status of Religious Communities8/21980 119-124
Alexeev, WassilijThe Russian Orthodox Church, 1927-1945: Repression and Revival7/11979 29-34
Alexeev, Wassilij and Keith ArmesGerman Intelligence: Religious Revival in Soviet Territory5/11977 27-37 App:31-37
Anderson, JohnSoviet Religious Policy under Brezhnev and After11/11983 25-30
Anderson, JohnTwenty-five years of Science and Religion13/11985 28-32
Anderson, JohnIslam and the Afghan Regime14/21986 172-179
Anderson, JohnThe Campaign That Never Was15/21987 182-189
Anderson, JohnCourtesy towards God: Religion and Change in Eastern Europe18/21990 100-123
AnonymousFather Dudko: An Eye-Witness Account4/21976 21-31
AnonymousCreation not Destruction. An Interview with the Russian Orthodox artist Vitali Linitsky10/11982 10-22
AnonymousCzechoslovakia: The Church at the Crossroads13/31985 250-260
AnonymousThe Methodian Anniversary in Eastern Europe13/31985 261-268
Antoine, CharlesNicaragua: In the Footsteps of the Polish Church?12/3 274-280
Arnold, JohnGDR: Evening in a Parish5/41977 241-244
Bell, Helen and Jane EllisThe Millennium Celebrations of 1988 in the USSR16/41988 292-328
Belli, HumbertoThe Church in Nicaragua: Under attack from within and without.12/11984 42-45
Bennigsen, Alexandre and Chantal Lemercier-QuelquejayMuslim Religious Conservatism and Dissent in the USSR6/31978 153-161
Bennigsen, Alexandre and Chantal Lemercier-Quelquejay'Official' Islam in the Soviet Union7/31979 148-159
Bercken, William van denIdeology and Atheism in the Soviet Union13/31985 269-281
Bercken, William van denHoly Russia and the Soviet Fatherland15/31987 264-277
Bercken, William van denThe Rehabilitation of Christian Ethical Values in the Soviet Media17/11989 4-18
Binns, Christopher ASoviet Secular Ritual: Atheist Propaganda or spiritual Consumerism10/31982 298-309
Birch, JulianThe Initsiativniki of the Ukraine3/61975 20-24
Blachnicki, Fr. FranciszekA Theology of Liberation - In the Spirit12/21984 157-167
Black, HilaryThe Church in East Germany1/4+51973 4-8
Blane, AndrewA Year of Drift, Part I2/31974 9-15
Blit, LucjanThe Insoluble Problem: Church and State in Poland1/31973 8-11
Blit, LucjanThe Polish Episcopate: Spokesman for Society5/21977 81-84
Bociurkiw, Bohdan RSoviet Research on Religion and Atheism since 19452/11974 11-16
Bociurkiw, Bohdan RThe Catacomb Church: Ukrainian Greek Catholics in the USSR5/11977 4-11
Boner, PeterEthical Detente: Marxist-Christian Dialogue in Hungary13/11985 49-53
Bourdeaux, MichaelThe Russian Church, Religious Liberty and the World Council of Churches13/11985 4-27
Bourdeaux, MichaelThe Black Quinquennium: The Russian Orthodox Church (1959-1964)9/1+21981 18-23
Bourdeaux, MichaelThe Uniate Churches in Czechoslovakia2/21974 4-6
Bowers, StephenChurch and State in Albania6/31978 148-152
Brëker, HansBuddhism in the Soviet Union: Annihilation or Survival?11/11983 36-48
Broun, JaniceThe Latin-Rite Roman Catholic Church of Romania12/21984 168-184
Broun, JaniceCatholics in Bulgaria11/31983 310-320
Brown JohnReligion and Revolution in Ethiopia9/1+21981 50-55
Broxup, MarieRecent Developments in Soviet Islam11/11983 31-35
Broxup, MarieIslam and Atheism in the North Caucasus9/1+21981 40-49
Broxup, MarieIslam in Dagestan under Gorbachev18/31990 212-225
Cameron, HelenSeventy Years of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren 1918-8817/31989 230-246
Chamberlain, LeoAmpleforth Conference 9019/1-21991 8-13
Chichlo, BorisThe Cult of the Bear and Soviet Ideology in Siberia13/21985 166-181
Codevilla, GiovanniCommentary on the New Soviet Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organisations19/1-21991 119-145
CorrespondentPressure on the Churches in Czechoslovakia2/21974 7-9
Critchlow, JamesIslam in Soviet Central Asia: Renaissance or Revolution?18/31990 196-211
Cullingford, ChristineChurch Life and Christianity in China as Seen through the Eyes of One Teacher in Chengdu12/21984 124-129
Cushing, GeorgeProtestantism in Hungary10/21982 124-132
Cviic, ChristopherA Fatima in a Communist Land?10/11982 4-9
Cviic, ChristopherRecent Developments in Church-State Relations in Yugoslavia1/21973 6-8
Cviic, ChristopherCoexistence Between Church and State in Yugoslavia2/61974 8-12
Davies LindsayPentecostals in Bulgaria8/41980 299-304
Davies R.E.Baptists in Poland18/11990 52-63
Davies, GarethConscientious Objection and the Freedom and Peace Movement in Poland16/11988 4-20
Davis, MosheJewish Spiritual Life in the USSR4/41976 20-23
D'Encausse, Helen CarrereIslam in the Soviet Union: Attempts at Modernisation2/4+51974 12-19
Dessloch, HubertusThe Social Market Economy in Germany and in Europe - Principles and Perspectives19/1-21991 112-118
Doulos, MichaelChristians in Marxist Ethiopia14/21986 134-147
Dubrov, AndreiFather Alexander Men2/4+51974 8-11
Duin, Edgar C.Soviet Lutheranism after the Second World War8/21980 146-160
Duncan, Peter J.SThe Fate of Russian Nationalism: The Samizdat Journal Veche Revisited16/11988 36-53
Dunlop, John B.Mnogaya leta: Advocate of a Russian Church-Soviet State Concordat11/21983 146-160
Dunlop, John B.The Russian Orthodox Church in the Millennium Year: What it Needs from the Soviet State16/21988 100-116
Dunlop, John B.Religious Themes in Recent Soviet Cinema16/31988 210-226
Dunlop, John B.The Russian Orthodox Church and Nationalism after 198818/41990 292-306
Dunn, DennisThe Kremlin and the Vatican: Ostpolitik4/41976 16-19
Eibner, John V.Lajos Ordass: Prophet, Patriot or Reactionary?11/21983 178-187
Eibner, John V.Zoltan Kaldy: A New Way for the Church in Socialism13/11985 33-47
Elliot, MarkThe Leningrad Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism11/21983 124-129
Ellis, JaneUSSR: The Christian Seminar8/21980 92-101 App:291-298
Ellis, JaneThe Christian Committee for the Defence of Believers' Rights in the USSR8/41980 279-291 App:291-298
Ellis, JaneNew Thinking on Religion17/21989 100-111
Ellis, JaneHierarchs and Dissidents: Conflicts over the Future of the Russian Orthodox Church18/41990 307-318
Fischer, Hans-FriedrichThe Catholic Church in the GDR: a Look Back in Anger19/3-41991 211-219
Fleming, Peter SJ with Ismael Zuloaga SJThe Catholic Church in China: A New Chapter14/21986 124-133
Galeriu, ConstantinA Time of Change: Fundamental Options in the Present Dialogue between Believers and Society19/1-21991 66-74
Garton-Ash, TimothySwords into Plough-shares: The Unofficial 'Peace Movement' and the Churches in East Germany11/31983 244-250
Gheddo, PieroA New Church is Born under Persecution10/21982 156-167
Glezer, AlexanderReligion and Soviet Non-Conformist Artists4/31976 16-19
Goldfarb, Jeffrey C.Polish Students Theatre and the Church6/11978 4-8
Goldin, EliKaraites in the Soviet Union: A Historical view and the current situation14/11986 33-41
Goltz, HermannHe Backed the Logos to Defeat the Chaos: The Death of Pavel Florensky 1882-193718/41990 343-355
Gordon, ArvanRural Christianity in China after the Cultural Revolution10/31982 283-291
Gordon, ArvanHitler's Rise to Power: Party and Church Reactions in the GDR11/21983 170-177
Gordon, ArvanReligion and the New Chinese Constitution11/21983 130-134
Gordon, ArvanThe Luther Quincentenary in the GDR12/11984 77-85
Gordon, ArvanRecent Trends in the GDR Jungendweihe: State and Church attitudes13/21985 157-165
Gordon, ArvanThe New Apostolic Church: The GDR's Third Largest Religious Community16/11988 26-35
Gordon, ArvanKirche von Unten and Other Basis Groups17/21989 127-139
Gordon, ArvanThe Church and Change in the GDR18/21990 138-154
Halák, TomísThe Church and Society in Czechoslovakia: the Evangelisation of a Post-Communist Country19/1-21991 53-57
Hann, C.M.Socialism and King Stephen's Right Hand18/11990 4-24
Haywood, VictorThe Situation of Christians in China Today1/31973 12-17
Hebblethwaite, PeterThe GDR: Servant or Subservient Church?6/21978 97-100
Hebly, HansAll is Now Quiet in Marienbad1/61973 4-8
Hebly, HansLiberty or Liberation - the Dilemma of the WCC13/21985 131-151
Heifets, MikhailRussian-Orthodox-Jewish Relations: A Literary Review17/11989 34-44
Heppell, MurielThe Baptism of Rus15/31987 244-256
Hirszowicz, LukaszJudaism in Poland15/11987 22-31
Hodges, PaulineAlbania After Hoxha's Death14/31986 268-272
Horvath, SusanSects in Hungary: The Free Christian Congregations12/11984 4-10
Hume, BasilChairman's Opening Address to the 1990 Ampleforth Conference19/1-21991 14-19
Humphrey, PeterTemples in the City of Xian. A Reflection of the Religious Situation in China8/41980 274-278
Humphrey, PeterIslam in China Today10/21982 168-177
Hünnerman, PeterChristian Faith and the Janus-Headed European: Observations on Modern Trends in East and West19/1-21991 95-111
Hvat, IvanThe Ukrainian Catholic Church, the Vatican and the Soviet Union During the Pontificate of Pope John Paul II11/31983 264-280
Hvat, IvanThe Moscow Patriarchate and the Liquidation of the Eastern-rite Catholic Church in Ukraine13/21985 182-188
Jackson, GraemeAn Assesment of Church Life in Vietnam10/11982 54-61 App 61-68
Jeglinski, Piotr and Alexander TomskySpotkania: Journal of the Catholic Opposition in Poland7/11979 23-28
Jones, S.F.Soviet Religious Policy and The Georgian Orthodox Church: From Khrushchev to Gorbachev17/41989 292-392
Kahle, WilhelmBaltic Protestantism7/41979 220-225
Kalinovska, MilenaThe Mystical Language of Ernst Neizvestny4/21976 14-20
Kalinovska, MilenaCzech Metaphysical Poetry of the 1960s5/11977 19-22
Kalinovska, MilenaThe Religious Situation in Czechoslovakia5/31977 148-157 App 157-163
Kalinovska, MilenaCzechoslovakia Ten Years After6/31978 170-178 App 170-178
Kaplan, KarelChurch and State in Czechoslovakia from 1948 to 1956, Part I14/11986 59-72
Kaplan, KarelChurch and State in Czechoslovakia from 1948 to 1956, Part II14/21986 180-193
Kaplan, KarelChurch and State in Czechoslovakia from 1948 to 1956, Part III14/31986 273-282
Keim, PaulA Polish Strategy for Non-Violent Change11/21983 161-169
Keim, PaulPolish Protestants: Ecumenism in a Dual Diaspora11/31983 295-309
Keleher, SergeOut of the Catacombs: The Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine19/3-41991 251-270
Kelly, DavidNairobi: A Door Opened4/11976 4-17
Klippenstein, LawrenceExercising a Free Conscience: the Conscientious Objectors of the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic13/31985 282-291
Klippenstein, LawrenceAn Unforgotten Past: Recent Writings by Soviet Emigre Baptists in West Germany14/11986 17-32
König, Cardinal FranzMy Journey to China8/41980 268-273
Korba, IrenaFive Years Underground: The Opposition and the Church in Poland Since Martial Law15/21987 167-181
Kosela, KrzysztofThe Polish Catholic Church and the Elections of 198918/21990 124-137
Kowalewski, DavidThe Catholic Church and the Cuban Regime11/11983 67-72
Krzeminski, IreneuszSolidarity - the meaning of the experience: a sociological survey14/11986 4-16
Lambert, Anthony P.B.The Church in China Pre and Post Tiananmen Square18/31990 236-252
Lancashire, DouglasBuddhism in Modern China5/41977 220-228
Landsbergis, AlgirdasGod's Whispers in a Godless Literature14/31986 262-267
Larebo, HaileThe Orthodox Church and the State in the Ethiopian Revolution14/21986 148-159
Lawrence, JohnObservations on Religion and Atheism in Soviet Society1/4+51973 20-27
Lawrence, JohnSoviet Jews5/21977 76-80
Lawrence, JohnA Note on Albania6/11978 9-11
Levitin-Krasnov, AnatoliReligion and Soviet Youth7/41979 232-237
Lobato, ChantalAfghan Communists and Islam16/41988 345-351
Luchterhandt, OttoState Authorities for Religious Affairs in the Soviet-Bloc Countries13/11985 54-62
Lukács, LászlóOpportunities for the Church in the 'Quiet Revolution' in Hungary19/1-21991 58-65
Luxmoore, JonathanThe Polish Church under Martial Law15/21987 124-166
Mádr, OtoThe Struggle of the Czech Church: What We Can Learn from a Theological Analysis19/1-21991 45-52
Maryniak, IrenaTruthseekers, Godbuilders or Culture Vultures? Some Supplementary Remarks on Religious Perspectives in Modern Soviet Literature16/31988 227-236
Maryniak, IrenaSamizdat Today - a Review17/21989 112-126
Matchett, KathleenRecent Events in the Lithuanian Catholic Church1/11973 9-11
Matchett, KathleenGerman Lutherans in the Soviet Union1/61973 13-16
Matchett, KathleenThe Soviet Government and the Churches2/11974 4-7
Matchett, KathleenTrends in the Soviet Anti-Religious Policy2/61974 13-17
Matchett, KathleenA Legal Textbook for the Soviet Propagandists4/21976 32-34
Meerson-Aksenov, MichaelThe Russian Orthodox Church 1965-19809/3+41981 101-110
Meyer, Hans JoachimThe Contribution of the Catholic Christians to Social Renewal in East Germany19/1-21991 88-94
Molnar, Adrienn and Miklos TomkaYouth and Religion in Hungary17/31989 209-229
Morris, Richard A.The Problem of Preserving a Traditional Way of Life amongst the Old Believers of the USA and the USSR18/41990 356-362
Morrison, PeterReligious Policy in China and Its Implementation in the light of Document No. 1912/31984 244-255
Morrison, PeterIslam in China: an Update13/21985 152-155
Morrison, PeterIslam in Xinjiang13/31985 244-249
Moss, VladimirThe True Orthodox Church of Russia19/3-41991 239-250
Murray, KatharineThe Council of Baptist Prisoners Relatives 1974-19721/11973 12-16
Murray, KatharineDeath of a Baptist Musician2/11974 8-10
Murray, KatharineSoviet Seventh Day Adventists5/21977 88-93
Németh, GézaChristianity's Answer to Nationalism19/1-21991 82-87
Newell, William H.Limitations on the Right to Belive on the Chinese Mainland16/21988 135-145
Nicholas, Aidan O.PThe Story of Praxis: Liberation Theology's Philosophical Handmaid17/11989 45-58
Norris, BrianThe Christian Peace Conference Criticized7/31979 178-179
Oestreicher, PaulPostscript6/21978 95-96
Oganessyan, EduardThe Armenian Church in the USSR7/41979 238-243
Oppenheim, RaymondRussian Orthodox Theological Education in the Soviet Union2/31974 4-8
Pankhurst, Jerry C.Soviet Sociology of Religion10/31982 292-297
Patock, Coelestin OSAThe Bishops of the Moscow Patriarchate Today15/31987 278-290
Patterson, GeorgeMao, Marxism and Christianity2/4+51974 20-29
Pease, NealThe Polish Test: Roman Catholic Views of the 20th Century Polish History18/31990 253-261
Petropavlovsky, S.The Russian Orthodox Church1/4+51973 15-19
Pitha, PetrThe Heritage of Wenceslas19/3-41991 220-238
Poleski, TadeuszPastoral Work by the Catholic Church in Belorussia 1917-8413/31985 298-313
Polgar, StevenA Summary of the Situation of the Hungarian Catholic Church12/11984 11-38
Popovsky, MarkArchbishop Luka, Surgeon and Scholar7/21979 97-105
Poresh, VladimirFaith and Lack of Faith in Russia19/1-21991 75-81
Posdeef, HelenGeneva: The Defence of Believers' Rights4/41976 4-15
Pospielovsky, DmitriRussian Nationalism and the Orthodox Revival15/31987 291-309
Pospielovsky, DmitriReligious Themes in the Soviet Press in 198918/41990 319-342
Pospielovsky, Dmitri, John Lawrence and Paul OestreicherMetropolitan Nikodim Remembered6/41978 227-234
Raikin, Spas T.The Communists and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church 1944-48: The rise and fall of Exarch Stefan12/31984 281-292
Ramet, PedroCatholicism and Politics in Socialist Yugoslavia10/31982 256-274
Ramet, S.P.Islam in Yugoslavia Today18/31990 226-235
Ramet, S.P.Protestantism in East Germany, 1949-1989: A Summing Up19/3-41991 160-196
Read, ChristopherThe Soviet Attitude to the Christian-Marxist Dialogue1/61973 9-12
Read, ChristopherSoviet Roman Catholics3/1-31975 8-11
Read, ChristopherEarly Twentieth Century Russia: Church and State4/11976 35-38
Reddaway, PeterThe Georgian Orthodox Church: Corruption and Renewal3/4+51975 14-23
Reddaway, PeterThe Georgian Church: A Controversy3/61975 45-54
Rowe, MichaelPentecostal Documents from the USSR3/1-31975 14-23
Rowe, MichaelSoviet Pentecostals: Movement for Emigration5/31977 170-174
Rowe, MichaelThe 1979 Baptist Congress in Moscow: A Western Observer Reports8/31980 188-196 App 196-200
Roy, OliverIslam in the Afghan Resistance12/11984 55-68
Sabar Friedman, GaliaReligion and the Marxist State in Ethiopia: the Case of the Ethiopian Jews17/31989 247-256
Salo, Fr VelloAnti-Religious Rites in Estonia1/4+51973 28-33
Sapiets, JanisBuddhists Struggle for Survival in the USSR2/61974 4-7
Sapiets, MariteLithuanian Catholics on Trial3/4+51975 11-13
Sapiets, MariteMonasticism in the Soviet Union4/11976 28-34
Sapiets, MariteLithuania and the Vatican4/31976 4-11
Sapiets, MariteMoldavian Roman Catholics7/11979 35-37
Sapiets, MariteReligion and Nationalism in Lithuania7/21979 76-85
Sapiets, MariteOne Hundred Years of Adventism in Russia and the Soviet Union12/31984 256-273
Sapiets, MariteV.A.Shelkov and the True and Free Seventh Day Adventists of the USSR8/31980 201-210 App 210-217
Sapiets, MariteThe situation of the Roman Catholic Church in Belorussia10/21982 178-187
Sapiets, MariteRebirth and Renewal in the Latvian Lutheran Church16/31988 237-249
Sapiets, MariteThe Baltic Churches and the National Revival18/21990 155-168
Sawatsky, WalterRussian Baptists hold a Congress3/1-31975 12-15
Sawatsky, WalterBible Work in Eastern Europe since 1945 (Part 1)3/4+51975 4-14
Sawatsky, WalterBible Work in Eastern Europe since 1945 (Part 2)3/61975 4-10
Sawatsky, WalterThe New Soviet Law on Religion4/21976 4-10
Sawatsky, WalterSecret Soviet Lawbook on Religion4/41980 24-34
Sawatsky, WalterThe Reformers Baptists Today8/11980 28-38
Scarfe, AlanThe Evangelical Wing of the Orthodox Church in Romania3/61975 15-19
Scarfe, AlanRomania Baptists and the State4/21976 14-20
Scarfe, AlanRomanian Baptist Congress5/21977 94-99 App 99-104
Scarfe, AlanPatriarch Justinian of Romania: His Early Social Thought5/31977 164-169
Scarfe, AlanDismantling a Human Rights Movement: A Romanian Solution7/31979 166-170 App 170-177
Schoepflin, GeorgeThe Mindszenty Affair2/21974 10-11
Schoepflin, GeorgePoland: Troubled Relations Between Church and State2/4+51974 4-7
Schönherr, AlbrechtTen Years On: The Church State Discussions of 6 March 1978 in the GDR16/21988 126-134
Schönherr, AlbrechtChurch and State in the GDR19/3-41991 197-206
Setson-Watson, MaryReligious Themes in Recent Soviet Literature16/21988 117-125
Sikorska, GrazynaCardinal Wyszynski: A portrait9/3+41981 92-98
Sikorska, GrazynaThe Light-Life Movement in Poland11/11983 49-55 App 55-66
Sikorska, GrazynaTo Kneel Only Before God: Father Jerzy Popieluszko12/21984 149-158
Sikorska, GrazynaJustice seen to be done - the trial of Father Jerzy Popieluszko13/21985 124-130
Sikorska, GrazynaThe Polish Roman Catholic Church and the Fate of Former Lutheran Churches in the 'Recovered Lands'16/31988 196-209
Sinyavsky, AndreiFather Boris Zalivako2/31974 16-17
Slowacki, RomanCatholic Intellectuals and Constitutional Change in Poland4/31976 12-15
Soper, JohnUnofficial Islam: A Muslim Minority in the USSR7/41979 226-231
Sorokowski, AndrewThe Chronicle of the Catholic Church in the Ukraine13/31985 292-297
Sorokowski, AndrewUkrainian Catholics and Orthodox in Poland14/31986 244-261
Sorokowski, AndrewUkrainian Catholics and Orthodox in Czechoslovakia15/11987 54-68
Sorokowski, AndrewThe Millennium: A Ukrainian Perspective15/31987 257-263
Spae, Joseph J.The Catholic Church in China15/11987 4-21
Sr. Eileen Mary SLGOrthodox Monasticism in Romania Today8/11980 22-27
Stehle, HansjakobThe Ostpolitik of the Vatican and the Polish Pope8/11980 13-21
Stephens, PeterThe Methodist Church of Eastern Europe5/11977 15-18
Stricker, GerdGerman Protestants in Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union15/11987 32-53
Stricker, GerdA Visit to German Congregations in Central Asia17/11989 19-33
Stricker, GerdOld Believers in the Territory of the Russian Empire18/11990 25-51
Stricker, Gerd and Sawatsky, WalterMennonites in Russia and the Soviet Union: An Aspect of the Church History of the Germans in Russia12/31984 293-311 App 311-314
Stuart, JohnUnofficial Art in the Soviet Union5/41977 235-237
Sustar, AlojzijBelief in Central and Eastern Europe Today19/1-21991 20-29
Symon, RogerPoland: The Catholic University of Lublin6/4 223-226
Sysyn, Frank E.The Ukrainian Orthodox Question in the USSR11/31983 251-263
Sysyn, Frank E.The Eastern Orthodox Church in Ukraine14/11986 73-76
Szajkowski, BogdanNew Law for the Church in Poland17/31989 196-208
Tataryn, MyroslawRussian Orthodox Attitudes towards the Ukrainian Catholic Church17/41989 313-331
Tomsky, AlexanderProfile of a New Pope6/41978 220-222
Tomsky, AlexanderJohn Paul II in Poland. Pilgrim of the Holy Spirit7/31979 160-165
Tomsky, AlexanderSpektrum: A Journal from the Czech Cultural Hinterland8/31980 180-187
Tomsky, AlexanderPoland's Church on the Road to Gdansk9/11981 28-39
Tomsky, AlexanderA New Primate for Times of Upheaval in Poland9/3+41981 99-100
Tomsky, AlexanderModus Moriendi of the Catholic Church in Czechoslovakia10/11982 23-39 App 39-53
Tomsky, AlexanderPacem in Terris: Between Church and State in Czechoslovakia10/31982 275-282
Tonnes, BernhardAlbania: An Atheist State3/1-31975 4-7
Tonnes, BernhardReligious Persecution in Albania10/31983 252-255
Tranda, BogdanThe Situation of Protestants in Today's Poland19/1-21991 37-44
Urban, G.R.Saints and Barbarians16/11988 21-25
Vajta, VilmosDispute over the 'Theology of Diaconia' - the Hungarian version of 'the Church in Socialist Society'12/21984 130-141
Vermaat, A.A. EmersonChurch and State in Grenada during the Bishop Regime14/11986 43-58
Villiers, MirandaThe Romanian Orthodox Church Today1/31973 4-7
von Lilienfield, FairyA Georgian Holy Place5/11977 12-14
Waine, ChristineAlexander Solzhenitsyn: Christian Writer1/21974 12-14
Walters, PhilipA Creed for Russians?4/31976 20-26, 27-31
Walters, PhilipNew Russian Revolutionaries (book review article)5/11977 23-26
Walters, PhilipVladimir Osipov: Loyal Opposition?5/41977 229-234
Walters, PhilipThe Living Church 1922-19466/41978 235-243
Walters, PhilipThe Russian Orthodox Church 1945-19598/31980 218-225
Walters, PhilipThe Ideas of the Christian Seminar9/3+41981 111-122 App 122-126
Walters, PhilipA Russian Jew in Quest of God: An Interview with Michael Zand10/21982 133-144
Walters, PhilipChristians in Eastern Europe: A Decade of Aspirations and Frustrations11/11983 6-24
Ward, CarolineChurch and State in East Germany6/21978 89-94
Wein, HavdallahA Religious Minority Among Soviet Jewry6/41978 244-247
Wells, Kenneth M.Protestantism in North Korea: An Exploration11/21983 135-145
Weydenthal, J.B.DeThe Pope's Pilgrimage to Poland12/11984 69-76
Whyte, BobThe Future of Religion in China8/11980 409 App 6-17
Wildmann, JanosHungary: From the Ruling Church to Church of the People14/21986 160-171
Wilkanowicz, StefanThe Problems and Tasks Confronting the Church in Central and Eastern Europe Today19/1-21991 30-36
Williamson, RogerEast Germany: The Federation of Protestant Churches9/3+41981 6-17
Wollenberger, VeraThe Role of the Lutheran Church in the Democratic Movement in the GDR19/3-41991 207-210
Wybrew, HughAnglican-Romanian Orthodox Relations16/41988 329-344
Zernov, NicholasThe 1917 Council of the Russian Orthodox Church6/11978 17-21 App 21-25

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