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This Index provides a listing of all the main articles which have appeared in Religion State and Society since it's first publication in 1992 until 1998. Since 1999 the publication has been under the control of Carfax Publishing, Taylor and Francis Group

AgurskyMikhailFundamentalist Christian Anti-antisemitism in Modern Russia20/11992 51-55
Alimov, CharodeyevG. and G.Patriarch Aleksi II: I Accept Responsibility for All That Happened20/21992 241-245
AndersonJohnThe Archives of the Council for Religious Affairs20/3-41992 399-404
ArnoldJohnAleksi II: a Personal Impression20/21992 237-239
BerckenWilliam van denPostcommunism avant la lettre: Russia's Religious Thinkers on Communism in 191820/3-41992 345-359
BourdeauxMichaelPatriarch Aleksi II: Between the Hammer and the Anvil20/21992 231-235
DartelGeert vanThe Nations and the Churches in Yugoslavia20/3-41992 275-288
EdwardsRoanne ThomasRussian Christian Democracy from a Regional Perspective: the Case of St Petersberg20/21992 201-211
HughesMichaelThe Rise and Fall of Pamyat'?20/21992 213-229
HumphreyCarolineThe Moral Authority of the Past in Post-Socialist Mongolia20/3-41992 375-389
KeleherSergeChurch in the Middle: Greek-Catholics in Central and Eastern Europe20/3-41992 289-302
Krakhmal'nikovaZoyaRussophobia, Antisemitism and Christianity: Some Remarks on an Anti-Russian Idea20/11992 7-28
KrejcíJaroslavA Culture of Ecumenical Convergence? Reflections on the Czech Experience20/21992 247-255
LambertAnthony P.B.Post-Tiananmen Chinese Communist Party Religious Policy20/3-41992 391-397
LezovSergeiThe National Idea and Christianity20/11992 29-47
Luxmoore, BabiuchJonathan and JolantaTruth Prevails: the Catholic Contribution to Czech Thought and Culture20/11992 101-119
MichelPatrickReligious Renewal or Political Deficiency: Religion and Democracy in Central Europe20/3-41992 339-344
PolonskyAntony'Loving and Hating the Dead': Present-day Polish Attitudes to the Jews20/11992 69-79
RenéGrémauxFranciscan Friars and the Sworn Virgins of the North Albanian Trbes20/3-41992 361-374
RossouwGedeonFrom a Just to a Good Society: the Role of Christianity in the Transformation of Former Eastern-Bloc Countries20/3-41992 321-329
SakwaRichardChristian Democracy in Russia20/21992 135-168
SuggateAlan M.Personal Responsibility: Hayek and Havel in a Christian Perspective20/3-41992 303-319
SuttonJonathanFr Sergi Bulgakov on Christianity and Judaism20/11992 61-67
TischnerJózefChristianity in the Post-Communist Vacuum20/3-41992 331-338
WebberJonathanThe Future of Auschwitz: Some Personal Reflections20/11992 81-100
WilliamsRowanThe Need for a Christian Critique of National Messianism20/11992 57-59


ArnoldJohnA Day of Reckoning and a Message of Reconciliation21/3-41993 251-256
AssmanHugoLiberation Theology: Looking Forward21/11993 39-52
Babiuch, LuxmooreJolanta and JonathanThe Road to Damascus: Three Eastern European Intellectuals on the Dilemmas of Faith and Ideology21/3-41993 319-344
BettoFreiDid Liberation Theology Collapse with the Berlin Wall?21/11993 33-38
BoffClodovisA Theological Letter about Socialism Today21/11993 23-32
BoobyerPhilipThe Moral Lessons of Soviet History: the Experience of Opposition to Evil21/3-41993 357-361
BrounJaniceThe Schism in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church21/21993 207-220
Cantrell, KempBeth and UteThe Role of the Protestant Church in Eastern Germany: Some Personal Experiences and Reflections21/3-41993 277-288
CorleyFelixThe Secret Clergy in Communist Czechoslovakia21/21993 171-206
DemichevSergeiFrom Communist to Christian Democrat21/3-41993 351-353
DókaZoltánAccountability before God and the World: Lutheran Arguments Applied to Hungarian Society Today21/3-41993 303-310
ElliottCharlesIdeals and Idols21/3-41993 385-386
EngelhardtKlausA Church Able to Form Community21/3-41993 289-294
FraserIan M.Liberating Faith - Examples of the Church 'Born from Below'21/11993 99-103
HalikTomasNot Just About Hus21/3-41993 311-318
HebblethwaitePeterLet My People Go: the Exodus and Liberation Theology21/11993 105-114
HegedusLorántAt the Eleventh Hour: the Immediate Past, the Present and the Future of the Reformed Church of Hungary21/3-41993 295-302
HosleVittorioCan We Learn from Soviet History?21/3-41993 363-365
JûngelEberhardThe Gospel and the Protestant Churches of Europe: Christian Responsibility for Europe from a Protestant Perspective21/21993 137-149
KeppelerTomOastea Domnului: the Army of the Lord in Romania21/21993 221-227
MathesonIain G.Ideals and Understanding21/3-41993 387-389
MojzesPaulThe Roman Catholic Church in Croatia and Its Contribution to Nationalist Sentiment21/3-41993 391-393
NémethGézaThe Renewal Movement in the Hungarian Reformed Church21/11993 87-97
NicoleJacques and Jean-Nicolas BitterThe WCC and the Question of Human Rights in Eastern Europe21/3-41993 257-262
OestreicherPaulChristian Pluralism in a Monolithic State: the Churches of East Germany 1945-199021/3-41993 263-275
PennyJames'Hunger for Bread, Hunger for God' - a Latin American Perspective21/11993 9-20
PozdnyayevMikhail'I Cooperated with the KGB?but I Was Not an Informer': an Interview with Archbishop Khrizostom of Vilnius and Lithuania21/3-41993 345-350
PungurJosephDoing Theology in Hungary: Liberation or Adaptation21/11993 71-85
ShchipkovAleksandrAttempts to Revive the Council for Religious Affairs in Russia21/3-41993 367-373
SuttonJonathanThe Religious Roots of Change in Present-day Russia21/21993 231-235
TrojanJakub S.Hromadka and Aspects of Power in Our Civilisation21/21993 151-169
Vorontsova, FilatovLyudmila and SergeiFreedom of Conscience in Russia: What the Opinion Polls Show21/3-41993 375-381
WaltersPhilipWho Are the Poor? Theology of Liberation in Eastern Europe Under Communism21/11993 53-70
ZelkinaAnnaIslam and Politics in the North Caucasus21/11993 115-124


BekhradniaShahinThe Tajik Case for a Zoroastrian Identity22/11994 109-121
BekhradniaShahinBelievers ' Responses to the 1937 and 1939 Soviet Censuses22/41994 403-417
BerckenWilliam van denThe Russian Orthodox Church, State and Society in 1991-1993: the Rest of the Story22/21994 163-181
BodrovAlekseiThe Open Orthodox University22/21994 199-204
CorleyFelixSoviet Reaction to the Election of Pope John Paul II22/11994 37-64
DainovEvgeniMaking History: the Limitations of Pure Reason22/21994 251-254
FilatovSergeiThe Prospects for Catholicism in Russia22/11994 69-72
GulaJozefCatholic Poles in the USSR during the Second World War22/11994 9-35
KhalidovAnas B.The History of Islam in St Petersburg22/21994 245-249
KochetkovFr GeorgiThe Problems Facing Theological Education in Russian Society Today: the Experience of the Moscow School for the Advanced Study of Orthodox Christianity22/21994 191-198
KruscheGunterThe Church Between Accomodation and Refusal: the Significance of the Lutheran Doctrine of the ' Two Kingdoms ' for the Churches of the German Democratic Republic22/31994 323-332
KuzmicPeterA Vision for Theological Education for Difficult Times22/21994 237-243
NezhnyAleksandrThe Catholic Church, Enemy of the People: the Soviet Secret Police against the Vatican22/11994 65-68
NitzovaPetyaIslam in Bulgaria22/11994 97-102
NovikFr VeniaminRussia - Between Past and Future22/21994 183-189
PatkaiRobertThe Lutheran Church in Hungary: Coming to Terms with the Past22/31994 333-338
PecherskayaNatalya A.Man in Search of Meaning: the St Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy22/21994 205-207
PerkowskiJan L.New Light on the Origins of Bulgaria ' s Catholics and Muslims22/11994 103-108
PhilippiPaulThe Lutheran Church in Romania in the Aftermath of Communism22/31994 345-352
PolyakovYevgeniThe Activities of the Moscow Patriarchate during 199122/21994 145-161
PungurJosefChurch-State Relations in the New Hungary22/41994 359-366
ReussAndrasLutheranism in Hungary in the Aftermath of Communism22/31994 339-344
RigaSandrThe Society of Ecumenical Christians Before and After the Dissolution of the Soviet Union22/41994 379-390
RowlandJonathanEthics and Economics in Postcommunist Europe22/21994 255-258
SakwaRichardChristian Democracy and Civil Society in Russia22/31994 273-303
ShchipkovAleksandrSome Observations on Orthodoxy and Christian Democracy22/31994 305-308
Stephen McAllister KryshtanovskayaWhite, Ian and OlgaReligion and Politics in Postcommunist Russia22/11994 73-88
SuttonJonathanReligious Education in Contemporary Ukraine: Some Courses of Study Analysed22/21994 209-235
Vorontsova, FilatovLyudmila and SergeiThe Changing Pattern of Religious Belief: Perestroika and Beyond22/11994 89-96
Vorontsova, FilatovLyudmila and SergeiReligiosity and Political Consciousness in Postsoviet Russia22/41994 397-402
VrcanSrdjanThe War in Former Yugoslavia and Religion22/41994 367-378
WaltersPhilipThe Defrocking of Fr Gleb Yakunin22/31994 309-310
YagodovskyAleksandrOrthodoxy and the Teachings of the Early Quakers: Some Common Ground22/41994 391-395


BarabanovFr AleksandrAn Orthodox Priest Responds to the 'Appeal'23/11995 33-35
BorzenkoVladimirAntisemitism and Orthodoxy in Russia Today: a Sociologist's View23/11995 45-51
KurayevAndreiAntisemitism is a sin23/11995 37-38
HughesMichaelCan There be a Russian Christian Democracy?23/21995 159-177
PazukhinYevgeniCharting the Russian Religious Renaissance23/11995 57-74
NikolayevOlegChrist, Pilgrim on Russian Soil23/41995 373-382
KirillMetropolitanChurch, Society and the Peace of Christ23/21995 181-186
RudnevAlekseiConditions for Dialogue Between Jews and Christians in Russia23/11995 11-17
LuxmooreJonathanEastern Europe 1994: a Review of Religious Life in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland23/21995 213-218
Cantrell, KempBeth and UteEastern Germany Revisited23/31995 279-290
WatkinsEmmaFather Aleksandr Men'23/21995 121-123
SimonConstantinHow Russians See Us: Jesuit-Russian Relations Then and Now23/41995 343-357
PospielovskyDimitryImpressions of the Contemporary Russian Orthodox Church: Its Problems and Its Theological Education23/31995 249-262
Luxmoore, BabiuchJonathan, JolantaIn Search of Faith, Part 2: Charter 77 and the Return to Spiritual Values in the Czech Republic23/31995 291-304
Jolanta, BabiuchLuxmoore, JonathanIn Search of Faith, Part 3: Religious and Secular Impulses Among Hungary's Ex-Marxist Intellectuals23/41995 383-396
Luxmoore, BabiuchJonathan, JolantaIn Search of Faith: the Metaphysical Dialogue Between Poland's Opposition Intellectuals in the 1970s23/11995 75-95
RoshchinMikhailOld Belief and Work23/31995 263-267
PopescuAlexandruPetreTutea (1902-1991): the Urban Hermit of Romanian Spirituality23/41995 319-341
SteczekBoguslawPolish Jesuits Facing Communism and its Consequences23/41995 359-363
Filatov and ShchipkovSergei AleksandrReligious Developments among the Volga Nations as a Model for the Russian Federation23/31995 233-248
SuttonJonathanReligious Education in Contemporary Ukraine: a Further Explanation23/21995 219-220
MenFr AleksandrThe 1960s Remembered23/21995 125-158
McTernanOliverThe 1994 Moscow Conference on Christian Faith and Human Enmity23/21995 179-180
Konoval'chikPetrThe Christian Approach to Expressions of National Consciousness23/21995 195-198
KondrusiewiczTadeuszThe Christian Attitude to Politics23/21995 187-193
KurayevAndreiThe Church Fathers on the Jews23/11995 39-40
MenFr AleksandrThe Jews and Christianity23/11995 25-29
RossFredaThe Krishna Movement in Hungary23/21995 207-212
GurevichAleksandrThe Orthodox View of the Jews and Judaism23/11995 53-55
SenokosovYuriThe Problem of Violence and the Structure of Rationality: Philosophical Remarks23/31995 269-278
BarabanovYevgeniThe Relationship Between Judaism and Christianity23/11995 19-24
KeleherSergeThe Romanian Greek-Catholic Church23/11995 97-108
DartelGeert vanTowards a Culture of Peace: Remarks on the Religious Aspects of the War in Bosnia and Croatia23/21995 195-204
KeleherSergeTrapped Between Two Churches: Orthodox and Greek Catholics in Eastern Poland23/41995 365-371
KyrlezhevAleksandrWhat is the Significance of the Jews for Christians?23/11995 41-43


KhanSarfrazAbdal Rauf Fitrat24/2-31996 139-157
SivertsevaTamaraCultural Transformation and Change of Identity in the Northern Caucasus24/2-31996 239-240
LuxmooreJonathanEastern Europe 1995: a Review of Religious Life in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia,the Czech Republic and Poland24/41996 357-365
MullerJorg PaulFreedom of Religion -The Missing Commandment?24/41996 385-391
TrofimovDmitriFriday Mosques and Their Imams in the Former Soviet Union24.2-31996 193-219
MelikoffIreneFrom God of Heaven to King of Men: Popular Islam among Turkic Tribes from Central Asia to Anatolia24/2-31996 133-138
KerimovGasymIslam and Muslims in Russia Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union24/2-31996 183-192
RavilBukharaevIslam in Russia: Crisis of Leadership24/2-31996 167-182
Ro'iYaacovIslam in the Soviet Union after the Second World War24/2-31996 159-166
ShirinAkinerIslam, the State and Ethnicity in Central Asia in Historical Perspective24/2-31996 91-132
WallaceDanielReligion and the Struggle for Russia's Future24/41996 367-383
SabetAmrReligion, Politics and Social Change: A Theoretical Framework24/2-31996 241-268
ShreiderYuliRussian Catholicism24/11996 55-62
Vorontsova, FilatovLyudmila, SergeiRussian Jews and the Church: a Sociological View24/11996 63-65
CorleyFelixThe Armenian Church Under the Soviet Regime, Part 1: the Leadership of Kevork24/11996 9-53
CorleyFelixThe Armenian Church Under the Soviet Regime, Part 2: the Leadership of Vazgen24/41996 289-343
RametSabrina P.The Croatian Catholic Church Since 199024/41996 345-355
VladimirBobrovnikovThe Islamic Revival and the National Question in Post-Soviet Dagestan24/2-31996 233-238
AdamsLawrence W.The Reemergence of Islam in the Transcaucasus24/2-31996 221-231


AristarkhArchbishopResponse to Mikhail Roshchin, 'Old Belief and Work'25/21997 199-200
BaconEdwinThe Church and Politics in Russia: A Case Study of the 1996 Presidential Election25/31997 253-265
BalogZoltanThe Ecumenical Movement and its Relations with 'Eastern Europe': a Hungarian Perspective1997
ByrnesTimothy A.Church and Nation in the Slovak Republic25/31997 281-292
CappsWalter H.The Dialogue with the 'New Europe': a Two-Way Street25/11997 37-40
CollinsDavid N.Culture, Christianity and the Northern Peoples of Canada and Siberia25/41997 381-392
Elliott, CorradoSharyl, MarkThe Protestant Missionary Presence in the Former Soviet Union25/41997 333-351
FalckeHeinoRepress, Retaliate or Reconcile? How to Come to Terms with the Truth25/11997 41-50
FilatovSergeiReligion, Power and Nationhood in Sovereign Bashkortostan25/31997 267-280
Filatov, ShchipkovSergei, AleksandrUdmurtia: Orthodoxy, Paganism, Authority25/21997 177-183
FoglesongDavid S.Redeeming Russia? American Missionaries and Tsarist Russia, 1886-191725/41997 353-368
HillKent R.Christian Mission, Proselytism and Religious Liberty: A Protestant Appeal for Christian Tolerance and Unity25/41997 307-332
HogebrinkLaurensA Reappraisal of the Recent Past in the West25/11997 51-59
HogebrinkLaurensThe Discovery of Europe25/11997 83-87
KeleherSergeOrthodox Rivalry in the Twentieth Century: Moscow versus Constantinople25/21997 125-137
KuzioTarasIn Search of Unity and Autocephaly: Ukraine's Orthodox Churches25/41997 393-415
LinnGerhardThe World Council of Churches and the Churches in Eastern Europe25/11997 69-72
LuxmooreJonathanEastern Europe 1996: a Review of Religious Life in Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland25/11997 89-101
MaiyerVyacheslavRussian Orthodox Missions to the East25/41997 369-379
MehlhornLudwigConvergence-Widening-Deepening: 'Maastricht II' and 'Basel II': the Timetable for European Union and the Role of the Churches25/11997 79-82
MilliganBarneyEurope-Any Dream Will Do?25/11997 31-36
NovikVeniaminDemocracy: a Question of Self-Limitation25/21997 189-198
PospielovskyDimitryThe 'Best Years' of Stalin's Church Policy (1942-1948) in the Light of Archival Documents25/21997 139-162
RemondReneThe Christian Churches in Europe 1918-199625/11997 11-16
ShchipkovAleksandrOrthodoxy in Karelia25/21997 185-187
SieversAmvrosi vonEndurance: Reminiscences of the True Orthodox Church25/31997 219-234
SmithKathleen E.An Old Cathedral for a New Russia: the Symbolic Politics of the Reconstituted Church of Christ the Saviour25/21997 163-175
SuttonMichaelJohn Paul II's Idea of Europe25/11997 17-29
VischerLukasThe World Council of Churches and the Churches in Eastern Europe during the Time of the Communist Regimes: a First Attempt at an Assessment25/11997 61-68
White, McAllisterIan, StephenThe Politics of Religion in Postcommunist Russia25/31997 235-252
XuXuchuTo Register or Not To Register? Unregistered Christians in China under Increasing Pressure25/21997 201-209


BoumanGary D.The New Europe and Church-State Relations: the Case of the Euro-Anglicans26/21998 181-190
BrynerErichStumbling-blocks to Ecumenism26/21998 83-88
ClayJ. EugeneApocalypticism in the Russian Borderlands: Inochentie Levizor and his Moldovan Followers26/3-41998 251-263
ConzemiusVictorProtestants and Catholics in the German Democratic Republic, 1945-90: A Comparison26/11998 51-59
CorleyFelixThe Armenian Church Under the Soviet and Independent Regimes, Part 3: The Leadership of Vazgen26/3-41998 291-355
DzwonkowskiRomanThe Fate of Catholic Clergy in the USSR, 1917-3926/11998 61-68
FedorovVladimirBarriers to Ecumenism: an Orthodox View from Russia26/21998 129-143
FilatovSergeiTatarstan: at the Crossroads of Islam and Orthodoxy26/3-41998 265-277
GroenBasilius J.Nationalism and Reconciliation: Orthodoxy in the Balkans26/21998 111-128
HannChristopherReligion, Trade and Trust in South-East Poland26/3-41998 235-249
HerbstAnneStumbling-blocks to Ecumenism in the Balkans26/21998 173-180
HoutepenAntonEvangelisation and Ecumenism: Contradiction or Challenge?26/21998 89-100
LeungBeatriceChurch-State Relations in the Decolonisation Period: Hong Kong and Macau1998 17-30
Marshall, SheaPaul, NinaChina's Persecuted Churches26/11998 11-15
MorevLevReligion, State and Society in Contemporary Laos26/11998 31-38
NiyaziAzizIslam in Tajikistan: Tradition and Modernity26/11998 39-50
NovikVeniaminSocial Doctrine: Will the Russian Orthodox Church Take a Daring Step?26/21998 197-203
ParysMichael vanReconciliation through Aid: the Catholic Presence in Orthodox Countries26/21998 167-171
PlantStephenNationhood and Roots: Dostoyevsky and Weil on National Culture and Europe26/3-41998 279-289
PospielovskyDimitryThe Russian Church Since 1917 Through the Eyes of Post-Soviet Russian Historians26/3-41998 357-366
ShreiderYuliThe Ethics of Mutual Understanding26/21998 191-196
SolomonFlaviusBetween Europe and Tradition: Church and Society in Orthodox Eastern Europe26/21998 101-110
StrickerGerdFear of Proselytism: the Russian Orthodox Church Sets Itself against Catholicism26/21998 155-165
StrickerGerdStumbling-blocks between Orthodoxy and Protestant Ecumenism26/21998 145-153
WinterSidonie F.Quo Vadis? The Roman Catholic Church in the Czech Republic26/3-41998 217-233

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